17 August 2010

Iconic coral species the most vulnerable to bleaching

Evan Schwarten AAP Sydney Morning Herald 17 Aug 10;

The Great Barrier Reef's dominant coral species are among the most vulnerable to the effects of global warming, a new study has found.

A groundbreaking study into the immunity of coral species has found the iconic Acroporidae family to be among the most susceptible to outbreaks of disease or bleaching.

16 August 2010

Bleaching in Indonesia leads to massive death on reefs

A survey of corals in Aceh, Indonesia revealed one of the most rapid and severe coral mortality events ever recorded. The scientists found that 80% of some species have died since the initial assessment and more colonies are expected to die within the next few months.
The Wildlife Conservation Society today released initial field observations that indicate that a dramatic rise in the surface temperature in Indonesian waters has resulted in a large-scale bleaching event that has devastated coral populations.

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