11 June 2010

Coral bleaching events elsewhere

Today, The Star featured a report of extensive coral bleaching at Tioman on 5-7 Jun.
Photo from The Star 10 Jun.

“The cabbage corals, brain corals and staghorn corals have turned white,” said Kids Scuba director and scuba educator Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Hassan.

10 June 2010

Near-real-time bleach watch satellite information from NOAA

NOAA's Coral Reef Watch Program's satellite data provide current reef environmental conditions to quickly identify areas at risk for coral bleaching.

The site provides lots of near-real-time information, including Bleaching Alert Areas.

03 June 2010

Bleaching in our Southern Islands: 28 May - 2 Jun 2010

Karenne Tun shared photos of bleaching at Pulau Hantu and Raffles Lighthouse on facebook.
Besides hard corals, even sea anemones were bleaching!

She said "Reminiscent of the 1998 bleaching event - but perhaps a shade less severe. Its still early days yet; Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) hovering around 31degC. Hoping that it will not get warmer than that. Did 2 surveys today - at Pulau Hantu and Raffles Lighthouse, to assess the severity of the bleaching. Working out potential recovery index now."

What happened in the 1998 coral bleaching event?

How much of our corals were affected? Did they recover?

Find out from this presentation:
  • What are Corals and Coral Reefs?
  • What is Coral Bleaching?
  • Why do Corals Bleach?
  • 1998 - A Bleak Year for Coral Reefs
  • Coral Bleaching in Singapore
  • Monitoring the Bleaching and some results
  • So What’s Next?

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