29 August 2016

Mass coral bleaching 2016 in Singapore: community action

Community sightings are consolidated in this  map of mass coral bleaching in Singapore 2016: In addition to intertidal survey sightings, the map includes sightings shared on the Bleach Watch Singapore facebook group. This includes some subtidal sightings.

Since June, the intertidal survey team has seen mass coral bleaching on 25 intertidal reefy shores. From our remote southern most reef at Raffles Lighthouse, to our northern most reef at Beting Bronok off Pulau Tekong. From the massive encrustation of corals on 2km of seawall at East Coast Park, to reefs on Kusu Island just minutes from the Central Business District. Even the reefs on natural Pulau Semakau next to the landfill and opposite petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom.

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