10 June 2010

Near-real-time bleach watch satellite information from NOAA

NOAA's Coral Reef Watch Program's satellite data provide current reef environmental conditions to quickly identify areas at risk for coral bleaching.

The site provides lots of near-real-time information, including Bleaching Alert Areas.

It also provides information on the global Sea Surface Temperature.

Including a closer look at Sea Surface Temperatures for our part of the world.

It also gives an outlook for bleaching around the world. Besides an image of the outlook, there are also detailed text reports giving the outlook for bleaching.

The latest outlook is on the "announcements" column of the homepage:
June 8, 2010: Thermal stress now causing bleaching in Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia expected to subside. High potential for bleaching developing in Caribbean and Marianas.
The site includes an education and outreach section with links to tutorials on corals bleaching, what NOAA is doing to monitor and prevent coral bleaching, and what you can do to help; how NOAA predict coral bleaching from satellite temperature data, including hands-on exercises based on our website; ocean acidification, its affects on coral reefs, and how it can be modeled from satellite data; and lots more.

More on NOAA Coral Reef Watch.

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