11 June 2010

Coral bleaching events elsewhere

Today, The Star featured a report of extensive coral bleaching at Tioman on 5-7 Jun.
Photo from The Star 10 Jun.

“The cabbage corals, brain corals and staghorn corals have turned white,” said Kids Scuba director and scuba educator Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Hassan.

He said the underwater temperature had also changed. “In my numerous dives here previously, the temperature was between 25°C and 27°C. However, in my two days of underwater discovery, the temperature was at 32°C,” he said.

The Straits Times also featured the photo with a brief story.

Singapore bloggers also reported on bleaching in Tioman: Kok Sheng reported minor bleaching during his trip in 'end May', while Samson reported more extensive bleaching on 29-30 May.

Bleaching has also been reported in other areas in our region. More on the wild shores of singapore blog.

Latest media reports of bleaching are tagged as bleaching events on wildsingapore news, and a feed of these stories appears on this blog on the left sidebar.

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