12 August 2014

Update on coral bleaching at Sultan Shoal (Aug 2014)

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has been relocating corals at Sultan Shoal as part of their preventive measures to protect the corals from the development works for the future Tuas Terminal and DHI was engaged to carry out the relocation works.
Recently, MPA has updated its NGO partners on the observations of coral bleaching at Sultan Shoal.

During the week of 28 July, DHI Singapore observed that the bleaching situation at Sultan Shoal and Sisters’ Island continues to remain largely unchanged. As reflected by the declining temperatures recorded in the southern waters, we are starting to see some cooling from peak SST anomalies across the South China Sea.

Sea Surface Temperature for Singapore Strait

NOAA Bleaching Alert Area for Coral Triangle

NOAA Coral Bleaching Thermal Stress Outlook for Aug-Nov 2014 (60% probability)
If the El Nino event continues to develop as predicted, we should continue to see our water temperatures start to stabilize below 30°C and hopefully, that will result in some actual recovery in the bleached corals in the coming months. DHI and MPA will continue to monitor the health of the corals at Sultan Shoal and the health of the transplanted corals at Sisters’ Islands.

Credit: Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), DHI Singapore and NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Thanks to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and DHI Singapore for this update. See their previous situation report for Jul 2014 and Jun 2014.

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