10 July 2014

Update on coral bleaching at Sultan Shoal (Jul 2014)

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has been relocating corals at Sultan Shoal as part of their preventive measures to protect the corals from the development works for the future Tuas Terminal and DHI was engaged to carry out the relocation works.
Recently, MPA has updated its NGO partners on the observations of coral bleaching at Sultan Shoal.

On 29 May, DHI Singapore conducted a formal survey of the corals located at Sultan Shoal and the percentage of bleaching along the reef crest was found to be 11.8%. Two recent surveys that took place on 12 and 25 June indicated that the bleaching situation (6.2% and 9.7%) has remained generally unchanged. However, all transplanted colonies at Sisters’ Islands appeared to be okay.
Although the hot spot in the wider coral triangle region appears to be dissipating and spreading eastwards, Singapore remains under bleaching watch.
Bleaching Area Alert
on USA: NOAA Coral Reef Watch
DHI and MPA will continue to monitor the health of the corals at Sultan Shoal and the health of the transplanted corals at Sisters’ Islands.

Credit: Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), DHI Singapore and NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Thanks to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and DHI Singapore for this update. See their previous situation report for Jun 2014.

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